Yakuza: Like A Dragon

About Yakuza: Like A Dragon

In 2001, Ichiban Kasuga, a junior member of the Tojo Clan’s Arakawa Family, is asked by the family’s patriarch Masumi Arakawa to go to prison for a murder that he didn’t commit to protect the real killer, a senior officer Arakawa considers indispensible. Ichiban agrees, hoping that this will make him a hero in the Tojo Clan and eager to honor an unspecified “debt” he owes his patriarch. Eighteen years later, Kasuga is released from prison only to find that nobody remembers him and no one from his family is even waiting to meet him when he gets out; he goes to confront Arakawa, who shoots him in the chest. Several days later, Kasuga wakes up half-naked under a pile of trash and eventually finds out that he is in the Yokohama district of Isezaki Ijincho. Realizing that his patriarch left him for dead, he sets out to learn why and uncover the real reason for his prison sentence, a journey that sees him face off against yakuza, triad, and Korean gangsters and criminals with help from the many allies he meets along the way.

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