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The game is played from a third-person perspective. The player controls Cryptosporidium 137 (“Crypto” for short), an alien who arrives on Earth in 1950’s America to harvest human DNA. Crypto is equipped with a vast arsenal of alien weapons such as the Zap-O-Matic and Anal Probe, to defeat enemies. He also has superhuman skills such as psychokinetic powers and the ability to disguise himself as humans. Crypto can use a jetpack to quickly navigate the environment. He can also command the flying saucer, which is equipped with a death ray to kill opponents. Players can perform movements such as gliding and dashing, and they can chain actions together such as shooting enemies while levitating them. The game introduces the Focus Mode, which allows players to lock onto other enemies. Crypto is protected by a shield, which informs players the direction of hostile attacks. The game features six sandbox locations which can be explored freely. Each location offers unique challenges for players to complete.

  • Destroy All Humans! Again!
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    What can I say, I remember the original Destroy All Humans! and I always described it as GTA as an Alien. After pumping in 42 hours into the Destroy All Humans! remake I have to admit it has not lost any of its original charm in any way. Crypto maintains his Jack Nicholson sound and sarcasm, this is the second best element of the game, the best being a ridiculous Anal Probe Gun, enough said.

    The visuals are greatly improved over the original, this isn't simply a remaster, it's a full on remake with entirely new models, textures, everything. The obvious 50's style, non-PC setting and style remains which may not fit in with the modern world but it in context it is excellent and entirely true to the original game.

    The game itself follows a somewhat linear path, you can revisit the levels and create a good amount of chaos and each level is a fair sized playground but GTA it is not, something that I had apparently misremembered about the original but it was not disappointing. 3rd person action with a rating system that amps up the chaotic response from the humans, which you continue to destroy.

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