The titular organism is held in a containment unit within a research facility owned by a company called Relith Science. The creature breaks out and progresses through the facility in order to find an exit. As the organism progresses through the facility, it fights and devours its way through the facility’s staff and security forces. Along the way, the creature discovers pieces of its genetic code removed by the scientists for study and containment, which allow it to evolve; allowing for greater size and more means of both defense and offense.

Along the way, the creature encounters material analyzers which, upon entering, trigger flashbacks revealing its origins. The carrion was originally found in a dormant state of biomass by three scientists, and upon awakening, killed two and possessed the third. However, Relith security forces arrive and execute the remaining scientist, forcing the creature out. Eventually, the creature returns to its initial containment area and absorbs the last piece of its stolen genetics, allowing it to totally reconstitute a human form as the scientist it originally infected. The disguised creature then escapes the facility into what is revealed to be a partially quarantined Seattle.

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